Welcome to Monsignor Murphys

The Tradition

Murphys has been the place to meet your friends, or make new ones, since 1987. We have cold beer, wine and cocktails ! Stop by and get to know us We will remember your name

Hours of Operation:
Monday- 9am - 2am
Tuesday 9am-2am
Wednesday 9am-2am
Thursday 9am-2am
Friday 9am-2am
Saturday 9am- 3am
Sunday 12pm-2am
  5:00pm- 11pm
5:00pm- 11pm
5:00 pm-11pm
5:00 pm-12am
Events and Specials

$3.00 Well Specials...check 'em out along with our "special shots". $2.50 High-Life and PBR cans.

Tuesday Trivia with Doug... Show us how smart
 and thirsty you are!
Doug always has a $3.00 drink specials along with $2.50 High-life and PBR cans. 

$5.00 Smirnoff Martini's
Live Music is back...We are proud to
 present "Piano Man" Marshall Nelson and Matt Richko

$3.00 Random Blow-Out Shots
*Add $1.00 for energy drink
*Add $1.00 for rocks or neat

$2.50 Miller High Life and PBR Cans

Complimentary Food...You SOOO need to check this out...could be ribs, could  be tacos, could be chili and hotdogs, maybe thinking spicy chicken wings?...one never knows...stop by and find out!!!

Sunday Funday with Doug at noon, Adrienne at 8:00pm; $5 Well Bloody Mary's (they are famous) and Mimosa's.  Evening piano tunes with Matt Richko starting at 8:30pm.

Piano Night every Wednesday
click image for video
Matt Richko on keyboards Wednesday
At Monsignor Murphys Piano Night
Monsignor Murphys piano Every Wednesday piano night Matt Richko on keys Alex playing Bass Guest singer Danny Open Mike welcome
Every wednesday is piano night , at pm till 12:30 . Join Matt, Marshall,or Tom Find out who plays at The REDHEAD PIANO BAR, Played with KOOL & THE GANG, And more
Piano night Wednesday Formerly toured with Kool and the gang!
 Marshall Nelson on piano with daughter Cynthia singing at Monsignor Murphys Wednesday piano night
 Piano Wednesday's Marshall Nelson Tom Linsk
 Mark Burnell on piano. Taylor Moore on drums. Wed night
 Bob Solone on piano. Wed night

3019 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657
Phone 773-348-7285